Autumn in paintings

The wheel of seasons

All times of the year are equally beautiful. Winter mesmerizes us with its icy splendor and spellbound mystery. Spring caresses the eye with first patches of green after months of white silence and sends our head spinning with the sweet aroma of blooming flowers. Summer is the season of fire, trips and fun. It thrills us with the vague whisper of sea waves and silver twinkling of stars that glow especially bright in the deep night sky. And autumn… Autumn is my favorite. It is a season of contradictions. Even on the greyest of days, there is so much color and light coming from the trees. Have you ever noticed that leaves on the autumn trees, all yellow, ochre and red, seem to emit light of their own? When I walk between rows of these magical candles lit up by some unknown wizard’s hand, I feel magic all around me. That’s probably why I like painting autumn so much. Of course, I don’t claim being an expert in that. But I know someone who is 🙂

An artist to remember

Let me introduce an artist whose style is just as amazing as his life story. It is Leonid Afremov, a modern Jewish impressionist who specializes in painting cityscapes and landscapes with a palette knife. That accounts for his unique manner that catches the eye once it hits one of his canvases. I won’t take your time telling how he was striving to build a career both in the former USSR and his historic motherland. I’ll just enumerate what I like so much about his works:

  • Amazingly bright colors! At the college, we’ve been taught that too much color is bad taste. But Mr. Afremov proves that it’s not always the case! Somehow, he knits all those splashes of rainbow together into one harmonious whole!
  • Remarkable style! As I already said, Leonid Afremov uses a palette knife which adds visible texture and dynamics to his manner. Quick, short strokes covering the canvas create a play of dimensions that makes the picture move, literally!
  • Finally, the incredible mood! Even though the artist often depicts rainy or misty weather, it always looks so romantic and positive that you want to run out into the rain and dance under the falling drops!

I can say thousand of words about this fabulous artist, but it’s better to see once than hear over and over again. You can check out one of my favorite autumn paintings by Mr. Afremov here. It’s called ‘Loneliness of Autumn’ and I think it perfectly conveys the spirit of the season. A lonely bench in the light of a lonely lantern, surrounded by colorful tree leaves and sparkling reflections on the wet asphalt is just how I imagine autumn! I’ll definitely borrow some tricks from this man’s arsenal and try using a palette knife in my works too!


Beyond our understanding

Our knowledge of the surrounding world keeps expanding by the day. Not so long ago, people believed that the earth is flat and it stands on three elephants. Now, when we have actually been to space, we know that Galileo was right after all. But today science goes even further. While we’ve always considered parallel realities to be just a product of imagination, modern theories suggest it might actually be true! I recently came across this hypothesis and now it just won’t let me be. It’s called biocentrism:  One of American scientists, Robert Lanza, has suggested that there are thousands of parallel worlds that evolve and appear based on our decisions. Every choice we make engenders a new storyline that exists parallel to the others. And when we die in one of these realities, our conscience simply flows into a reality where we’re still alive, and we keep living in an alternative world without ever recognizing it. Sounds a bit crazy! But what if it’s true? That would actually mean that immortal soul is just as real as perishable body! Scientists have even discovered some sort of quantum transistors in our brain that allegedly store all the spiritual information we accumulate and transfer it further… into the unknown. What do you think about it? Do you even believe in parallel reality or reincarnation? Please don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments!


Hi guys!

My blog is just one of a thousand, but I believe it will find its followers 🙂 My name is Ben Ashton. I’m a simple 24-year-old guy, much like you and everyone else. Right now, I’m preparing for my graduation exams at an art college. So far, it’s too early to speak about my career prospects, but I’ve already received an offer from a local magazine that I probably will accept. Of course, when I was just admitted, I dreamed of becoming a famous artist. But I guess it just doesn’t happen in one day. For now, the position of an illustrator is the best I can get. Of course, I will continue practicing and painting for my own pleasure. Hope it will pay off!